The Hale Chronicles (added Peter & Talia)

Why is everyone reblogging this again?

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basically every post ever made in movethefuckoverbros blog 

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… fucking hell. Scott did monstrous things too, where have you two been?

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Gackt’s Never Ending Curves

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pineapple buns n v n

treating myself a break because i finished a really major project. enjoy more hair shenanigans! (i always wanted to draw louis tying harry’s hair)


"Cool leather jackets and unnecessary backflips" 

Rare Pair Pack: Derek Hale & Kira Yukimura [5/?]

All I want is s1 Derek to befriend Kira (since he was suppose to be 19 at the beginning) and be too cool for school + backflips.

[Click here for more info of what this little project is about].


first day of school:

first month of school:

Anónimo asked: im starting to think i'm morally obliged to harm myself because im too privleged to live


No no no. Don’t do that. You should not feel that way. You should not feel guilty for what you were born as. If this weighs heavy on you, use your privilege to good use and help those that can’t help themselves. Do charity work. Speak up for those that can’t. Give a little here and a little there. And just be there as support.
- Mod Helga

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Teen Wolf: Teen Wolf: "Can't Go Back"
Teen Wolf: Confusing plot-lines, no development of character arcs, no actual progression in the story-line, overly dramatic theatrics, characters nobody cares about, and heterosexual shit everywhere.
Ratings Drop
Teen Wolf: Oh my god, please watch the next episode. It's airing at 10pm! It's going to be amazing. It's our favorite episode of the season.
Teen Wolf: More confusing plot, no development of characters, no actual progression in the story-line, overly dramatic theatrics, more characters nobody cares about, more pointless heterosexual shit.
Ratings Drop (AGAIN)
Teen Wolf: Hmm, why is this happening? What are we doing wrong? Should be give Malia more screen-time, have Derek hook up with more strangers, add in more random backstory, confuse the audience even more?
Teen Wolf: Yes. We should.
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An international team of archaeologists have discovered that two mummies found on an island off the coast of Scotland are, like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, composed of body parts from several different humans.

For example, scientists realized a female skeleton’s jaw didn’t fit with the rest of the skull, and after some DNA testing, they found that the bones had come from different people. In the case of a male skeleton, the parts were from people who lived hundreds of years apart. 

The reason for this is still unclear. 



the pain

Teen Wolf Episode According to Official Social Media Accounts: This is my favorite episode out of the entire season.
This episode has the best acting out of the season.
This episode is going to be a game changer.
This episode is going to be a throwback to season 1.
This episode is going to have death.
Please watch.
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